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Transanal total mesorectal excision: full steam ahead

S. Atallah

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Pouch-related fistula and intraoperative tricks to prevent it

F. Selvaggi & G. Pellino

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Transanal total mesorectal excision: a systematic review of the experimental and clinical evidence

S. E. Araujo, B. Crawshaw, C. R. Mendes & C. P. Delaney

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Abnormalities in collagen composition may contribute to the pathogenesis of hemorrhoids: morphometric analysis

Y. Y. Nasseri, E. Krott, K. M. Van Groningen, M. Berho, M. C. Osborne,S. Wollman, E. G. Weiss & S. D. Wexner

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Original Article

Management of complex anorectal fistulas with seton drainage plus partial fistulotomy and subsequent ligation of intersphincteric fistula tract (LIFT)

B. Schulze & Y.-H. Ho

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Original Article

Antibiotics alone instead of percutaneous drainage as initial treatment of large diverticular abscess

F. Elagili, L. Stocchi, G. Ozuner & R. P. Kiran

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Laparoscopic peritoneal lavage for perforated colonic diverticulitis: a definitive treatment? Retrospective analysis of 63 cases

M. Sorrentino, M. Brizzolari, E. Scarpa, D. Malisan, F. Bruschi, S. Bertozzi, S. Bernardi & R. Petri

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Original Article

Predictive factors for inadequate colon preparation before colonoscopy

R.-W. Cheng, Y.-C. Chiu, K.-L. Wu, C. K. Rayner, W.-C. Tai, M.-L. Hu, Y.-P. Chou, S.-K. Chuah, C.-M. Liang & L.-S. Lu

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R0 resection, not surgical technique, is the key consideration in pelvic exenteration surgery

O. J. Warren & M. J. Solomon

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Extended lateral pelvic sidewall excision (ELSiE): an approach to optimize complete resection rates in locally advanced or recurrent anorectal cancer involving the pelvic sidewall

I. Shaikh, W. Aston, G. Hellawell, D. Ross, S. Littler, D. Burling, M. Marshall, J. M. A. Northover, A. Antoniou & J. T. Jenkins

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Pudendal nerve exposure and preservation in low rectal surgery by using transvaginal access

A. N. Yücesoy, S. Poçan, M. Cifçi, A. Solmaz & A. Serefhan

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