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Tying up loose ends

K. Yang, T. M. Connolly & R. Bergamaschi

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Repair of complex parastomal hernias

G. S. Hwang, M. H. Hanna, J. C. Carmichael, S. D. Mills, A. Pigazzi & M. J. Stamos

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Original Article

Outcome and prognostic factors of local recurrent rectal cancer: a pooled analysis of 150 patients

F. Selvaggi, C. Fucini, G. Pellino, G. Sciaudone, I. Maretto, I. Mondi, N. Bartolini, F. Caminati & S. Pucciarelli

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Original Article

Extralevator versus standard abdominoperineal excision for rectal cancer

S. K. Perdawood & T. Lund

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Original Article                                                                                                            

Evaluation of transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization: a single surgeon experience

G. D. LaBella, W. P. L. Main & L. R. Hussain

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Original Article

Assessment of a novel, full-thickness incisional biopsy model to restage rectal tumours after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy: results of an ex vivo pilot study

F. M. Smith, H. Wiland, A. Mace, R. K. Pai & M. F. Kalady

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Original Article

Colonic transit in the empty colon after defunctioning ileostomy: Do we really know what happens?

J. M. Ali, S. G. Rajaratnam, S. Upponi, N. R. Hall & N. S. Fearnhead

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Trick of the Trade

“Sandwich technique” with bridging, a modification of negative pressure wound therapy for anal fistulas

T. Banasiewicz, J. Hermann, L. Krokowicz & M. Drews

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Video Forum

Robotic-assisted resection of presacral sclerosing epithelioid fibrosarcoma

E. Carchman & E. Gorgun

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Controversies in Colorectal Surgery                                                                               

European consensus meeting of ARM-Net members concerning diagnosis and early management of newborns with anorectal malformations

H. J. J. van der Steeg, E. Schmiedeke, P. Bagolan, P. Broens, B. Demirogullari, A. Garcia–Vazquez, S. Grasshoff-Derr, M. Lacher, E. Leva, I. Makedonsky, C. E. J. Sloots, N. Schwarzer, D. Aminoff, M. Schipper, E. Jenetzky, I. A. L. M. van Rooij, S. Giuliani, C. Crétolle, S. Holland Cunz, P. Midrio & I. de Blaauw

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Invited Comment

Invited comment on van der Steeg et al.: European consensus meeting of ARM-Net members concerning diagnosis and early management of newborns with anorectal malformations

David C. van der Zee

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Staying on target

J. Loyal & R. Bergamaschi

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Re: Staying on Target—reply to comments by Loyal et al.

J. D. Foster, N. J. Smart & N. K. Francis

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Is the porcelain throne to blame?

J. Isbit

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Congress Report

The 113th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons

William C. Cirocco

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Erratum to: Is the lateralization distance important in terms in patients undergoing the modified Limberg flap procedure for treatment of pilonidal sinus?

B. R. Karakas, A. Aslaner, U. R. Gündüz, H. Çalis, A. N. Öngen, O. Z. Öner & N. Bülbüller

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