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Number 9
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Important news
News from the Italian Society of
Colorectal Surgery (SICCR)

The 6th Educational Meeting of the Italian
Society of Colorectal Surgery will take place on
December 5-6, 2016 at the Congress Centre
KURSAAL of San Marino. Find more information here!

In this issue


From misbelieve to proofs in transanal irrigation for functional bowel problems

P. Christensen

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Biofeedback treatment of chronic constipation: myths and misconceptions

G. Chiarioni

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Original Article                                                                                                                                  

Pro-inflammatory cytokines in cryptoglandular anal fistulas

R. S. van Onkelen, M. P. Gosselink, M. van Meurs, M. J. Melief, W. R. Schouten &
J. D. Laman

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Original Article

The use of a negative pressure wound management system in perineal wound
closure after extralevator abdominoperineal excision (ELAPE) for low rectal

YH. Sumrien, P. Newman, C. Burt, K. McCarthy, A. Dixon, A. Pullyblank & A. Lyons

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Original Article

Results of long-term retrograde rectal cleansing in patients with constipation or
fecal incontinence

P. F. Vollebregt, A. K. E. Elfrink, W. J. H. J. Meijerink & R. J. F. Felt-Bersma

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Original Article

Efficacy of fibrin glue therapy for abscess-associated enteric fistulas

B. C. Chapman, J. Merkow, A. Paniccia, D. M. Overbey, M. Gipson, G. Stiegmann &
J. D. Vogel

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Original Article

Interobserver variability amongst gastrointestinal pathologists in assessing
prognostic parameters of malignant colorectal polyps: a cause for concern

A. Davenport, J. Morris, S. A. Pritchard, E. Salmo, M. Scott & N. Y. Haboubi

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Video Forum

A blueprint for robotic navigation: pre-clinical simulation for transanal total
mesorectal excision (taTME)

S. Atallah, S. Zenoni, J. Kelly, Y. Tilahun & J. R. T. Monson

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Trick of the Trade

Superior mesenteric artery stenting and colonic resection for colonic cancer
with severe visceral arterial stenosis

G. A. Binda, A. Serventi, V. Valle, L. Bacigalupo, A. Valdata & G. Baldino

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Cochrane Digest

Comments to ‘Rubber band ligation versus excisional haemorrhoidectomy for haemorrhoids’

S. R. Brown & A. Watson

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Recurrent volvulus of cecorectal anastomosis after subtotal colectomy:
technical implications of an unusual complication

R. Costi, A. Zarzavadjian Le Bian & L. Sarli

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Mobile App Review

The iLappSurgery taTME app: a modern adjunct to the teaching of surgical

S. Atallah & R. R. W. Brady

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