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The Italian Society of Colorectal Surgery is a scientific organization that deals with illnesses of the colon, rectum and anus.


The Italian Society of Colorectal Surgery is an association of doctors who are devoted to this field of study in order to guarantee the highest standard of therapy to patients by means of evaluation and introduction in medical practice, of scientific progress in the fields of prevention, diagnosis and cure of illnesses of the colon, rectum and anus.
The Italian Society of Colorectal Surgery promotes and supports scientific research in all the clinical and biological aspects of diseases of colon proctology, in the belief that scientific progress is the essential condition for the achievement of therapeutic objectives.


Both the Directive Council of SICCR and all its members assert that diseases of the colon, rectum and anus are problems which regard the health of the single individual and the society as a whole; they also claim that every citizen deserves the quality and attention in the cure of these diseases and in particular they deserve the best diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment in order for these diseases to eradicated progressively. This can be achieved by developing professionalism, scientific knowledge and last but not least the spread of information among its own members.

Objective1: to acknowledge the educational needs of professionals with regard to disorders of colon-proctology.
1.1 To improve training of doctors who treat diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.
1.2 To maintain and improve the status of its own organs of communication.
1.3 To optimize an annual meeting to carry out Vision and Mission of the society.
1.4 To propose our educative role in the SICCR and in the National Federation of Gastroenterology.
1.5 To put together some nation-wide programmes of continual medical training for the specialists of diseases of the colon, rectum and anus by attaining the goal of a school of specialization in colorectal surgery.
1.6 To evaluate the needs and the feasibility of new continual medical programmes nation-wide open to surgeons and gastroenterologists who are involved in colon proctology.
1.7 To improve educative methods for colon proctology.
1.8 To estimate and establish strategic priorities in order to evaluate and recruit doctors who are specializing in general surgery and in gastroenterology and who plan to specialize in colon proctology.
1.9 To develop educative programmes regarding diseases of the colon, rectum, anus and for the other people engaged in healthcare.
1.10 To guarantee the stable financing of a specialist training in colon proctology.

Objective 2: To develop the infrastructures and the necessary resources that guarantee the spread of an appropriate cure in colon proctology.
2.1 To guide the nation-wide efforts that define the quality of the cure for the alterations of the colon, rectum, anus.
2.2 To develop authoritative and reliable performance measures that can guarantee the distribution of the standards of cure and a minimum standard of cure.
2.3 To plan and estimate the feasibility for the conduction and financing of clinical studies.
2.4 To continue to evaluate new technologies that can guarantee an efficient practice of high standards.
2.5. To set up a relation with the government to face the problems regarding the attention paid to health.
2.6. To evaluate the best assistance during hospitalization and maintenance of the practice of diagnosis and the treatment of illnesses of the colon, rectum and anus, taking into consideration the progress of science weighed with the economical needs of healthcare.
2.7 To acquire statistic functions of evaluation nationwide in order to obtain a good ratio cost- benefit, of services regarding colon proctology with local positive relapses and to promote colon proctology as an important specialist branch of medicine.

Objective 3: to improve effective communication within the society, with other specialists concerned with health, in private and public sectors.
3.1 To evaluate periodically the needs and desires of the members as a whole.
3.2 To develop a more efficient communication with members.
3.3 To increase the support of staff for electronic communications and other technologies as a means of communication among members.
3.4 To increase the support of staff for electronic communications and other technologies in order to develop, maintain and control a public educational programme of diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.
3.5 To activate a service of legal-medical consultancy and possible intervention of the SICCR with its own experts.

Objective 4: To maximise the collaboration with other societies, organizations and industries that are concerned with health for the realization of our Vision and Mission.
4.1 To set up stable collaborations with “main sponsors”
4.2. To set up a collaboration with the Italian Society of Quality Assessment. And with the Cochrane group.
4.3. To expand the international influence by means of a synergy as a result of relations with The European Council for Colon- proctology.
4.4 To begin a collaboration with other societies (SIC, SIGE- AIGO- SIED, AIRO, SICO SIGO, ECCP, EACP), identifying centres and means that can improve the relations, and to explore possible collaborations.
4.5. To improve the relations with other professional societies.
4.6. To continue to increase collaboration with industry.
4.7. To develop collaborations with voluntary organizations.

Objective 5: To promote research for the prevention and the treatment of diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.
5.1. To support and expand the activities of the SICCR centres in order to improve the quality of research carried out by colon proctologists.
5.2. To recruit centres provided with experience or interest in carrying out research.
5.3. To evaluate mechanisms and costs with financing resources to train the SICCR members in methodologies of clinical research.
5.4. To identify financial resources for research.
5.5. To identify forums for the presentation of basic scientific research.
5.6 To develop multicentric and epidemiological studies.
5.7. To identify team initiatives.

Objective 6: To maintain the economic stability of the society, to increase the worth of membership, and to expand participation of members.
6.1. To realize activities, conferences, journals, and income from industry in full independence to maintain economic stability and a balanced budget for all operations.
6.2. To try to develop and/or increase other resources of income.
6.3. To increase the worth of the totality of members.
6.4. To increase or enlarge the participation of members in society.
6.5. To evaluate the necessity for the increase of category of members and for services provided for each.
6.6. To develop a process of identification and formation of leaders for the SICCR.
6.7. To adopt a philosophy of strategic management of the Directive Council and of the commissions in order to guarantee the continuity and coherence with the strategic plan.

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