School of ultrasound imaging of the pelvic floor

The objective of ultrasound imaging of the pelvic floor is to train colorectal surgeons, gynaecologists who are concerned with urology, gastroenterologists and radiologists in the field of ultrasound of the pelvic floor, and to confer a specific diploma.
The school belongs to the SICCR (Italian Society of Colo-Rectal surgery) but is affiliated also to SIUMB (Society of Medical and Biological Ultrasonography) to SIUD (Italian Society of Urodynamics) and to AIUG (Italian Association of Urogynaecology).
The principal training centre of the school is the Unit of Pelvic Floor 1St Department of Surgery, regional hospital of Treviso. Other centres where practical diagnostic activities can be carried out, are decided annually by the Directive Council of the School.
The length of the course is of one calendar year and only five candidates are granted admission each year. The candidates are selected on the basis of the evaluation of their titles of study and a written exam. The programme of the school provides for a theoretical and practical training on the following themes:

  • Anatomy and physiopathology of the pelvic floor
  • Ultrasound imaging (endo-anal, endo-vaginal, transperineal, dynamic, 2D/3D/4D)
  • Traditional radiological imaging
  • Notions of urodynamics, anorectal manometry and neurophysiological tests
  • Diagnosis and therapy of urinary and faecal incontinence, and of obstructed defecation and disorders linked to the emptying of the bladder
  • Diagnosis and therapy of the prolapses of the pelvic organs
  • Diagnosis and therapy of anal and perineal fistulas and anorectal tumours

For full information on the training contents, it is suggested that you read the Regulations.

The cost of the school course is € 1000,00 (+VAT)

For further details on the contents of the course, you are kindly advised to read the Guidelines.

Click here to download the poster

Click here to download the didactic programme

Click here to download the application for admission

ENTRANCE EXAMINATION FOR YEAR 2024: 27th January 2024 – 2:00 pm (Treviso venue)

Application forms should be sent within monday 15th January 2024 to the Secretariat of the Presidency: Marina Fiorino

LESSONS (TREVISO): 2 sessions between March and May
Click here to download the preliminary program

27th January 2024 – ore 9.00 (Treviso venue)

Members of the School of ultrasound imaging

G.A. Santoro (SICCR)

S. Carini (Luino – VA) SICCR

R. Baccichet (Treviso)
D. Caramazza (Roma)
M. Cervigni (Roma)
C. De Nunzio (Roma)
F. Del Tetto (Torino)
G. Dodi (Padova)
M. Frigerio (Monza)
A. Infantino (Padova)
M. La Torre (Roma)
A. Lauretta (Aviano)
G. Maconi (Milano)
J. Martellucci (Firenze)
G. Palleschi (Roma)
L. Pellegrini (Pescara)
A. Rusconi (Milano)
E. Russo (Pisa)
G. Sarnelli (Torino)
M. Serati (Varese)
M. Soligo (Lodi)
G. Torrisi (Catania)
G. Zironi (Bologna)

Training Centres

Bari (D.F. Altomare)
Catania (G. Ettore, G. Torrisi)
Firenze Careggi (J. Martellucci)
Luino (VA) – Stefano Carini
Milano (A. Rusconi)
Monza (M. Frigerio)
Napoli (Alfonso Reginelli)
Roma – Policlinico Umberto I° (F. La Torre)
Roma – Nuova Villa Claudia (S. Cappello, C. La Penna)
Roma – Ospedale S. Eugenio (G. Lisi)
Roma – Policlinico Gemelli (D. Caramazza)
San Vito al Tagliamento (A. Infantino)
Torino (G.C. Sarnelli)
Treviso (G.A. Santoro, R. Baccichet)
Verona (E. Ostardo)

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