In the perspective of promoting the vocational training of young surgeons, the next SICCR congress (National Spring Congress 2007) that will take place in Rome on the 23rd and 24th April 2007, other than foreseeing entire sessions managed by young doctors, foresees a session of live surgery in which young surgeons will be assisted by some of the well known international colorectal surgeons to carry out important colon proctologic operations. The pathologies that will be dealt with are (except in the case of patients’ unwillingness) external prolapse of the rectum, complex perineal fistulas, cancer of the colon, or the rectum in laparoscopy, (probably hand assisted), total proctocolectomy with ileum pouch for ulcerative colitis. It is advised that surgeons neither be novices nor experts in the mentioned pathologies. The maximum age of participants should be 45. Therefore we kindly invite all doctors who would like to undertake this demanding type of surgery to send within the 30th November 2006
1. their candidature indicating the chosen pathology;
2. a summary of their curricula, with personal data;
3. their experience of colorectal surgery as first surgeons

Candidatures will be judged by the Directive Council of SICCR and replies will be sent within January 2007.

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