ANEMGI Congress – Rome

The second congress of Neurogastoenterology took place in the impressive surroundings of Rome, between the 12th- 14th September 2007. The most important themes dealt with by the major centres of gastroenterology were gastro- esophagitis reflux, chronic gastritis, functional dyspepsia, IBD, IBS and constipation. This latter was treated with great insight by professor Enrico Corazziari of Rome, who stressed how 80% of patients benefit from conservative treatment, leaving a remaining 20% in the hands of “make-believers”.
From an epidemiological point of view, professor Gabrio Bassotti from Perugia, stressed the validity and limits of studies pubblished on this theme and professor Scarpignato from Pavia, underlined the direct and indirect costs of such a pathology, and examined in detail the ratio of the quality of life among patients Those whose quality of life resulted worse were patients with slower bowel movements. He also underlined how a positive reply to medical treatment corresponded to a better score of Qol. Professor Stanghellini and Dr Alessandra Graziottin stirred great interest in dealing with the theme of common clinical profiles between gastroenterology and urogynaecology in pelvic dyssynergy, a peculiarity: little more than 1% of GPs and gynaecologists ask the medical history of a possible sexual abuse which has been confirmed to be a highly responsible factor at the origin of pain and dyssynergy in both fields.
We congratulate professor Corazziari and friends of ANEGMI on behalf of SICCR on the excellent scientific organisation in the hope of repeating the positive outcome of this event in the future.

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