Important Congress on “The pelvic floor” held in Treviso

The 21st-22nd of February an international congress was held in Treviso on “Updating on imaging and management of pelvic floor disorders” proceeded by the 11th course on ultrasonography of the pelvic floor. Among the participants were three hundred specialists of various fields of study: colon proctology, urology, gynaecology, radiology ect. The congress hosted specialists from eighteen foreign countries. The intervention of the 26 Italian and 13 foreign chairmen was highly appreciated. Among these, Professor J.O.L. DeLancey, director of the pelvic floor centre of The University of Michigan Alabama, who also received an Honorary Membership of the SICCR on behalf of Dr. Gian Andrea Binda, president of the SICCR society.

The congress which was organized by Dr. G.A. Santoro, directive member of the SICCR, and a recognized expert in the international field of the study of sonography of the pelvic floor, underlined the most modern forms of diagnosis of faecal and urinary incontinence and of the prolapse of the pelvic organs, thanks to three dimensional trans-anal and trans-vaginal sonography, and to dynamic and three dimensional trans-perineal sonography. These new methodologies can already replace and substitute traditional radiological examinations (defaecography, cystography, pelvic MR) and also functional examinations such as urodynamic and neurophysiologic tests. Many were the papers on the new approach of treatment, which goes from sacral neuromodulation, to bulking agents, surgical trans-anal techniques for rectal prolapses and the use of slings, and meshes for urinary incontinence caused by stress and for genital- urinary prolapses.

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