SICCR Science Centre: 1st theoretical-practical course on sutures and medication for doctors and nurses

The first theoretical-practical course on sutures and medications for doctors and nurses took place on the 29th march at San Vito al Tagliamento (PN). The objective of the course was to fill the gaps in the preparation of doctors and nurses in this field. In fact many young surgeons had the mutual impression that there are still many gaps to be filled in this field of study.
After an initial historical reappraisal of the subject in question by Dr Alfredo Papadia who covered past and present achievements, Professor G. Abatangelo who has been riding high in the field of the healing of surgical wounds, underlined the biological processes at the basis of the inflammatory- proliferative and moulding phases that lead to recovery.
Professor F. Bassetto, a plastic surgeon of Padova, devolopped an up-to-date knowledge on suture and the indications of its use on different parts of the body.
Professor Mauro Schiavon director of the operative unit of plastic surgery in Udine, who pointed out the most suitable types of incision and suture on various tissues in order to avoid complications, followed him. Finally, Professor Filippo La Torre of the University La Sapienza in Rome, discussed in detail the various types of suture in surgery of the intestine, mechanic and manual, and underlined that regardless of the procedure employed, the reduction of complications depends mostly on the role played by the surgeon. Dr Aldo Infantino, the coordinator of the course examined in detail the prognostic factors in anastomosis of intestinal dehiscences, today, which are: ASA, the low rectum, smoking, the abuse of alcohol, urgency, Rt, and a surgeon who is not fully committed to his duty. Non-prognostic factors are intestinal preparation, age, and drainages. During the afternoon session, The professors, demonstrated the employment of threads and knots both in open and video-laparoscopy surgery, on simulators, while nurses were divided into small groups and carried out both straight forward and complicated types of medications on patients, following a further two lessons given by professors Baraziol and Fraccalanza both from the division of plastic surgery of Udine. The course, which was held thanks to the sponsorship of Covidien, will probably have a sequel for all those surgeons who were unable to take part, due to the limited number of participants. We confide in the collaboration of Francesco Mazzoleni, director of the institute of plastic surgery in Padova, as chairman of the following course.

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