Incontinence Day

The SICCR has accepted to participate in the “National Day” for the prevention and treatment of Incontinence. The event will be sponsored by the Minister of health and achieved with the Directive of the president of the council of ministers of the 10th may 2006, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale number 186, of the 11th August 2006.
This event called “Open Hospital ” takes place every year on the 28th June, with the precious support of the Regions, leaders and professionals who work in the field of Public Health (regions, ASL, hospitals, doctors, obstetrics, professional nurses, physiotherapists and geriatrics) The centres of urology, gynaecology, rehabilitation , general and colorectal surgery, that will take part in the “Day” will offer free examinations .
The objective of this initiative is to promote and to make both the public and the Institutions aware of the problem of incontinence in order to be able to develop new health and social policies that support the great number of people who suffer from it who can be considered penalized in what concerns social relationships and the quality of life.
More information is available on the web site
The SICCR members who wish to take part in the initiative , may contact the secretariat of the presidency of SICCR: marina Fiorino. Email:

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