3th Educational Colorectal Meeting: Podium Presentations

Here are the titles of the Podium Presentations with the name of the author who presented the work, awarded during the 3th Educational Colorectal Meeting which took place in Rome from the 13-14th December 2010.
As announced before, the winners will be hosted in a special facility to take part in a one- day full immersion course in laparoscopy on animals, assisted by two SICCR tutors.

1) Adhesional Small Bowel Obstruction After Open and Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery: A Prospective Longer-Term Study.
Pier Paolo Sileri
2) Elective and emergency surgery for diverticular disease.
Paolo Gazzetta
3) Endoscopic Treatment of Benign Anastomotic Complications After Colo-Rectal Surgery.
Fabrizio Cereatti
4) Water Filled Baloon Sonovaginography for Deep Endometriosis Infiltrating the Bowel: A Diagnostic Technique for Surgical Procedure Planning.
Piero Carfagna
5) Anastomotic failure and postoperative complications in radically resected rectal cancer: a retrospective analysis of a consecutive series.
Mauro Brulatti
6) Limphadenectomy in elective and urgency for resective colorectal cancer.
Stefano Scabini

Congratulations to the winners on behalf of the presidency of the congress and on behalf of the Directive Council of the SICCR, in the hope of repeating this initiative in other future congresses.

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