Elections Directive Council 2011-2013

The following 24th -26th October 2011, in occasion of the fourth national SICCR congress, which will take place, in the ” magazzini del cotone” congress centre in Genoa, the elections for the Directive Council of the SICCR for the years 2011-2013 will also take place.

All those who wish to run for this office can send a short CV accompanied by a letter of presentation to illustrate their objectives, addressed to presidenza@siccr.org
Within the 5th of September 2011, in order to allow an adequate circulation. The candidatures forwarded will be published on the official site of the SICCR.
According to article 7 of the SICCR statute, the people allowed to be elected for these social office are the founding members and the ordinary members, the latter with two years service. On the contrary, members of the directive council of other national scientific societies cannot be elected. The members of the directive council, of other societies are excluded from this office. Any form of retribution or reward is forbidden.

According to article 6 of the statute a member can be excluded for lack of payment of subscription for two years on the run.

Only members who have paid regular subscription of SICCR annual fees can make use of a discount for the congress.



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