Report by Vincenzo J. Greco, national responsible of the Regional Representatives SICCR

The members’ gathering was held during a session of the 4th Educational Meeting SICCR, in San Marino. As the national Responsible of the regional Representatives, I presented a report on the SICCR’s members scientific activities.
The RR organized SICCR’s meetings, in regional setting or joining two or three regions: in Apulia, Calabria/Sicily, and North-East and North-West; and the 1st Joint Meeting AIUG/SICCR in Milan.
Also other events had SICCR’s patronage, for example the national congress in Campania, held with the partecipation of the “Rosa Gallo” foundation.
Some Ucp organized interesting monothematic meetings between members and surgeons, coming from the same area, as the seminary about Crohn’s desease in Sardinia. The Ucp training on the recto-colpopexy in S Vito al T., proctology and pelvic floor in Emilia Romagna, and the Formative course in coloproctology in Vercelli. Through 2013 there are going to be several events in all regions.
According to all the Regional representatives, SICCR’s members are going to promote, in their regions, Practitioners meetings, Rehabilitation trainings, and Audits on three topics about: proctology, colo-rectal surgery and rehabilitation.
SICCR’s atmosphere is full of enthusiasm and excitement.

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