Nanorò: new departures

are new departures for Nanorò (Burkina Faso) according to a calendar which is being drafted and foresees an almost continuous presence of doctors there until the end of the year.
The major problem of the hospital of Nanorò is the lack of anaesthetists and orthopaedics which they have difficulty in finding.
Both Gino Capponi, Italian surgeon who moved there on a temporary basis 8 years ago (and since that time stays there) and the Camillian Fathers who are responsible for the facility, urgently request the availability of these professionals whose departure has become equally urgent. In the event of attaining this goal, the calendar would be modified to favour firstly the departure of these urgently requested doctors. This is why the calendar has not yet been completed.
Moreover the sales of photographs presented in occasion of the initiative “Nanorò-the meeting” held on the 20th of May this year, at the Policlinico Umberto I of Rome, was to make official our activities of assistance to the Governamental Institutions (Health Care and University).
Sales of the photos reached a sum of 2000 euros, which are going to be given in donation to the Nanorò Mission.

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