Summary of Joint Congress of Italian Surgery 2012

On June 13th Filippo La Torre and Luigi basso as representatives of the SICCR, took part in the meeting regarding the organization of the joint congress of Italian surgery, which will be held in 2012 from the 23rd to the 27th of September. The meeting took place in the SIC office in Viale Tiziano, Rome.

Thirteen societies will take part and three others must still give confirmation.

During the meeting the following principles were confirmed:
1. All secretarial staff will be on the Front-Line.
2. By subscribing to one’s own society, one acquires the right to participate in all the works of the congress. ( SIC and ACOI will not lose anything because the members of those societies will continue to pay their fees ) Budget permitting, profits will be allocated to each society.
3. In September the Manifesto of announcement of the congress including the main topics should be ready.
4. For the drawing up of the programme two equal sub committees will be prepared, one for the rules and another for the scientific programme, every society will have a component in the committees. In order to proceed quickly and easily, It was a suggested facilitating the committees to act as proxy. (Filippo La Torre underlined the problem of information and representative consensus)
5. Themes were discussed at length, the aspects that they agreed more on, were those regarding a more general programme that went from the policy of healthcare to themes of global interest, to specialist workshops, preferably run by more than one person. With regard to this last point, La Torre proposed to Angelo Stuto, the need of an overriding defence of a single specialistic field (risk of proctology being left out)
6. Next meeting of committees 11th of July.

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