2° Joint Spring Meeting ACPGBI-SICCR

The expectations of the 2nd Joint Spring Meeting ACPGBI-SICCR were fulfilled without the feeling of a gap in terms of prestige between the historical British Association and the more recently founded SICCR: The 132 participants showed great interest in the leading topics in search of consolidation of data both regarding benign and malign diseases. Experts from all regions of Italy contributed to a fruitful discussion. An advanced technological teleconference with Turin solved a last minute problem and revealed great expertise from the point of view of organization. Prestigious experts like J. Nicholls. M. Parker, Sue Clark for ACPGBI and all our former Presidents, only to mention a few, contributed to the high scientific profile of the event.

Adela Brigic with her paper“eFLEX: a new approach to local colonic full thickness resection” was judged the best among the Podium presentations while Paolo Giamundo’s“Fi.La.C. (Fistula Laser Closure) in the treatment of fistula-in-ano: clinical results of a pilot study in one institution”.
The SICCR congratulates them on their success.

Thanks to the successful outcome and enthusiasm of the event, the date of the 3rd Joint Spring Meeting has already been arranged: 25th April 2014 with Aldo Infantino and Pasquale Giordano as Presidents with the appreciated scientific support of Andrea Lauretta and Tazmin Cuming.

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